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Our Integrated Infrastructure

At Royal Classic Mills (RCM), we take pride in our complete control over the entire garment creation process, from raw materials to finished products. This vertical integration allows us to ensure exceptional quality at every stage.


Spinning Unit

Royal Classic Mills is a leading producer of yarn, renowned for its commitment to delivering top-quality products. Our yarns offer customizable options for blending and come in a variety of counts to meet our customers' specific needs. With a spinning department capable of producing 14 metric tons of yarn daily, we ensure timely and efficient manufacturing.

Knitting Unit

The Knitting Division boasts 84 circular knitting machines sourced from renowned manufacturers such as Mayer & Cie from Germany, Orizio from Italy, and Pailung from Taiwan. Additionally, it features flat knitting machines from Kauo Heng in Taiwan. With this machinery lineup, the division can produce 25 metric tons of fabric daily.


Dyeing Unit

In our Dyeing Division, we've installed the top-of-the-line dyeing machine from THIES, Germany, renowned as the world's best. This machine is outfitted with an automated dyeing system for optimal efficiency. With this setup, our dyeing department can dye up to 40 tons of fabric every day.

Printing Unit

In our printing division, we manage a wide array of printing techniques, such as pigment, reactive, discharge, khadi, burnout, and neon printing. Our equipment includes a STORMAC RD IV for screen development and an automatic chest printing machine. With these resources, our printing section can produce 10 tons of fabric daily.


Garment Unit

In our sewing division, we have a total of 4500 machines sourced from Pegasus, Yamato, Durkopp Adler, and Siruba, collectively imported. These machines are used to manufacture a variety of clothing items such as T-shirts, shirts, jackets, undergarments, and trousers. With this setup, our garment unit can produce 300,000 units each day.


Solar Panel

  • RCM has installed solar panels with a capacity of 14MW.
  • By generating this green power RCM is saving 1.4 Million kgs/year of Coal for the nation, with the equivalent avoidance of harmful carbon emission into the atmosphere.



  • RCG has installed 32 windmills from Suzlon, Gamesa, Regen, Neg-micon, of total 44MW capacity taking care of the entire power requirements of the group.
  • RCG is a renewable power surplus company. We also provide around 40,000,000 (units/year) of renewable energy to the government and nearby textile manufacturing facilities.