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The Royal Classic Groups is a vertically integrated textile firm that has been formed with a simple and straightforward aim - to provide quality clothing. With a 30-year-old legacy, RCG has set its own knitting, dyeing, finishing, and garmenting infrastructures to maintain the quality of clothing. This is why the brand can serve customers across the globe through our exceptional brands namely Classic Polo and CP Bro.


A flagship brand of Classic Fashions, Classic Polo was launched in 2001 and is owned by the Royal Classic Groups.
Positioned as a mid-premium brand, selling well-designed and affordable products, Classic Polo lures customers with its “Urban Fashion” brand image popular among professionals. We are India’s most preferred t-shirt and dynamic lifestyle brand in the retail sector. The brand is all about quality, innovation, and style. The vibrant colors, unique designs, sharp cuts, perfect fit, and comfortable textures are its personalities. Classic Polo provides stylish and innovative wardrobe solutions to well-dressed gentlemen. Classic Polo is built on an unwavering passion for creating garments that fit perfectly and ensure unparalleled quality.


Swiss Club is an exclusive online brand from the house of Classic Polo, specifically famous for great styles and sure to cater to all your needs, budget, style, and taste with an international appeal. The tagline of this brand is “dress your attitude”, and it sounds so catchy that only these two words are enough to turn heads towards it. Meant for individuals between the ages of 20-35 years, Swiss Club is known for offering some of the best quality shirts with awesome fabric and styles. So, if you are looking for a good quality shirt at a reasonable price, this brand can be the best fit.


Smash is given birth with an intent to be a leading online youth fashion-casual brand. With a penchant for design innovation, superior quality at an affordable price for Young India, Smash will be known for its superlative product quality and great fit. The brand aims to deliver emerging hi-street fashion trends and fashion staples that resonate with the growing Indian consuming class. Our range of merchandise consists of styles that include updated basics and classics for contemporary souls.


An extensive line of range of this brand is known nationwide for their fabulous fit, sexy cut, and quality fabrics. CP Bro – is a reputed brand, known for its vivid range of collections of Men’s Shirts, T-shirts, denim, and accessories. The brand’s line is highly popular among youth for its durability and timeless style. One of the biggest reasons why youth often prefer this brand is that it provides shirts with the best quality and style with a rich look. Its chief customers are young adults aged eighteen to thirty years old.

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